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The Countdown’s running – Berlin Art Bang opens on 1st April

You can stop chafing the bit; finally they gonna start. Berlin Art Bang starts on 1st April in Berlin Schöneberg and that’s no April fool! Its a must have seen. It’s open Tuesday – Sunday 10 am – 8 pm in Nürnberger Straße 68/69 and its for free (Pay what you can and what you’d […]

There is something new „Auf der Donau“

With every piece the CR’s write, they ensure that their friend RINK never will be forgotten. In their belief their friend is only really dead, when he is forgotten. My respect for this deep friendship. More pictures -> click

Weltbaustellen NRW – Dinslaken

The 17 goals of sustainable development of the United Nations have been enforced in January 2016. Urban art campaign „Weltbaustellen – Die Welt von morgen wächst vor Ort“ deals with those goals. 17 goals – 17 murals in North Rhine Westfalia. 8 different cities have got new designed facades in 2016; 9 murals are still […]

The Squirrels – Colours and Nutlets are their passion

  I don’t know anything about CVA except they are from NRW, probably from the area Essen. Their trademark is a couple of chipmunks. These squirrels always spread a positive feeling. I don’t have hard facts due to the members of the crew. All I have, are the names of writers which are quoted due […]

Dropix cannot sleep at night and so he steps out…

… to make Bonn sweet again; SHIT IS DEEP   DROPIX, DPX is a German street artist and illustrator who is based in Bonn. He sprinkles his twisted characters on the walls of his home town, hijacking the icons of our childhood as Mickey, Mario, Winny the Pooh, Snoopy or the Care Bears with humor. […]


Köln Hbf CARN  

This is how nuclear phase out looks like in Kalkar

Kernwasser Wunderland Do you remember SNR 300? It was plannned and constructed in the 1980’s as a fast breeder reactor, a nuclear power plant that never went online. Some say due to the protests, others claim construction problems. 1995 a Dutch buisinessman took over the ruin and founded an amusement park. Many of the facilities constructed […]

New Advertising Mural in Essen

seen in passing Maxstraße 16

One thing is for sure – the change

  Legal wall „Auf der Donau“ cannot be visited often enough!

OVAO x HAER „Auf der Donau“

Any resemblance to Ronald McDonald is purely coincidental More fresh pictures from that walls -> click