Archiv für den Monat Oktober 2021

Wright Festival 2021

Northrhine Westfalia has a rich tradition of graffiti and street art and in the area a lot of renouned festivals sweeten your time. But when Wright Festival Bochum is announced, the street art year inevitably comes to an end. I would like to draw your attention to this years Wright Festival, which has already started. […]

Urban Discoveries

Shortly before the very end of summer and the changeover of all clocks to winter time, there is good news to report after all. Pottporus e.V. strikes again and puts a new project on track to design public space in Wanne Eickel For URBAN DISCOVERIES 8 national and international stars of the street art scene […]

Let’s talk about Goch baby – Live long and prosper

U.S.S. Bird of Spray has landed in Goch. I was there and saw it exactly. They have landed, left their spaceship and swarmed out – and now they are everywhere amongst us – …to boldly spray where no one has sprayed before. The Spockemons. OLGA, their mother, has long since lost control. Her creatures have […]

Let’s talk about Goch Baby – Never forget…Never again

LACUNA – Looking for an explanation, or better a translation for this strange street name, I found out, that a lacuna is a gap or a missing part. That makes sense – working in the streets, an artist is a lacuna of society. For GhmS Festival LACUNA painted a number of memorial pieces in remembrance […]

Cheerio Angie

Today an era is coming to an end. Angie, inventor of legendary Merkel-Raute, what has been termed Triangle of Power by English, who wrote history, when she was appointed the first female Chancellor of Germany 2005 – now her last day of school has come. Let’s see the pictures I have taken of her over […]

Let’s talk about Goch Baby

My 4th day in Goch and it was time to say bye. I decided to make the most of it and visit outer rim. As a pedestrian it wasn’t easy to visit all the spots without using a car or a bike. To my greatest displeasure, a number of spots were unreachable in an efficient […]

The Masked Singer – Essen vs. Berlin

2020, when the Corona pandemic was a constant and annoing topic on all media channels, my Berlin friend and me were lucky to find an interruption in negative thoughts. We both discovered simultaneously „The Masked Singer“, a tv show, which is around celebrities singing in head-to-toe costumes and face masks, which conceal their identities from […]

Let’s talk about Goch Baby

That day I met my personal festival guide on my way to a spot called Rampe. He had changed his outfit to a stylish black, with subtle color accents; ready to take me out for dinner later. The spot „Rampe“ was a 200m long section of the mighty retaining wall of Südring, which was painted […]

Plans for the weekend?

Have you already made plans for the upcoming weekend? Maybe you should think it over and better plan a walk in Bochum at Universitätsstraße next to U35 campus line stop Waldring, where a troop of graffiti artists join forces to finish a new design for a 200 meter long section of the retaining wall of […]

Let’s talk about Goch Baby

Please let me introduce to you my personal GhmS-festival guide. He is a real gentleman cat with style and was designed in collaboration of METRADA & TIANOO THE CAT. Well dressed for every occasion, with top hat and monocle, west and tie. He had welcomed me the day before in red and guided me through […]