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2020 – Wave Goodbye

Time to say bye to 2020. It was a strange year (#FUCKCORONA). Its not hard to bow it out! It’s over – Thank heaven! The pictures of those shady characters, created by DEMON, I have taken in November and they were gone after a few days. So, when you visit HoF Zollstraße, you will no […]

One thing is for sure – The Change

The clock is ticking, time is running out for the year 2020, which wasn’t one of my favorite years so far – #FUCKCORONA! Same procedure as every year – it’s time to look back at the changes at one of the same wall at HoF Auf der Donau in the course of the last 12 […]

HoF Auf der Donau in December

The time between the years seems to be a very quiet time this year. Fireworks cancelled (#FUCKCORONA), no premature firecrackers to be heard. Traffic is low and the obligatory wave of people, exchanging their unwanted Christmas gifts, failed to appear. Only at HoF Auf der Donau business as usual. Alongside a number of new pieces […]

HoF Villa RÜ in December

TONEY x BRICKS & DRIPS SMACK BLIND IB ILLBOYS x EPSC Location more pictures -> click

Santa’s Sleigh

In Germany the second Christmas holiday traditionally is the day to visit and present family and friends. So this morning I made my way to Dorsten, where my family lives. Everything was planned accurately; even the transport carriage was true to style. Thank you 134 and merry X-mas to all of you too! Essen main […]

Open call for information – NOSE

This morning a request for help reached me via eMail: Hey Andrea, this strange year was sweetened a lot by finding a number of pieces of graffiti, depicting all the same – a runny nose. I would like to thank the artist(s), who have made my lonesome walkings a bit more pleasent. The noses appear […]

One thing is for sure – The Change

The Change – an always recurring topic in this blog. Over the years I have noticed a lot of changes in my surrounding. Sometimes it feels like a big loss when old familiar pieces of art in public space disappear, but mostly you get something new as a compensation. Better or not – the times, […]

One thing is for sure – The Change

Shame – Essen tidies up the inner city. A chameleon and an old piece of ADD ENTRY is lost. In times of Corona (#FUCKCORONA), people are bored and have too much time. Their normal strategies of distraction don’t work during the Lockdown. Fitness studios, cafes, pubs and every other beloved entertainments – nada! So they […]

One thing is for sure – The Change

In October 2017, under the umbrella of TRANSURBAN, BETONT.ES has painted the backyard of Atelierhaus Schützenbahn. Now, some years later, the facade was redesigned by a group of artists based in Dortmund, due to a project of Werkstrand. Backyard Atelierhaus Schützenbahn – BETONT.ES (07/2017) & a group of artists based in Dortmund (12/2020) Location more […]

HoF Auf der Donau in December

In the beginning of this walk at Hall of Fame Auf der Donau I was amazed by this skull, which is an eyecatcher and fitted well my apocalyptic mood caused by the newest lock down (#FUCKCORONA). Skulls – I love them, Corona or not. They are an old international symbol for death, the defiance of […]