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HoF Essen Borbeck in April

HoF Essen Borbeck is one of our halls of fame which are not allowed to be painted spontaneously. You have to ask for permission first. Probably that is the reason why it doesn’t change its face very often. Nevertheless, the frequency of renewance is not an indicator of the quality of the pieces found there […]

HoF Borbeck in December

I recently was asked, why I ignore HoF Borbeck and of course, there is a reason, why I do not visit it frequently and that often as other legal walls in Essen. This time it’s not Corona (#FUCKCORONA), at least not only. HoF Borbeck is one of our halls of fame you have to ask […]

HoF Essen Borbeck in December

This Hall of Fame is situated in Borbeck, at the pedestrian/cycle path at the backside of Schloss Quelle Mellis GmbH, Flurstr. 104. It is one of our halls you have to ask for permission before painting. This may be the reason why this wall isn’t very busy. So much bigger was my surprise, when I […]