One thing is for sure – The Change

Shame – Essen tidies up the inner city. A chameleon and an old piece of ADD ENTRY is lost.

In times of Corona (#FUCKCORONA), people are bored and have too much time. Their normal strategies of distraction don’t work during the Lockdown. Fitness studios, cafes, pubs and every other beloved entertainments – nada! So they evade and muck out cellar and appartment or renovate everything. It seems this mania aparts in public too. A piece of ADD ENTRY, which had survived for years, and an installation of EINSA CE have fallen victim to this mania recently.

Marktkirche – 01/2018 & 12/2020

ADD ENTRY (03/2016) & EINSA CE (01/2018)


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  1. Love that chameleon

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