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One thing is for sure – the change

Not long ago, during my visit in Amsterdam, I had a first encounter with a mural, created by THE LONDON POLICE at Prinsengracht 70. As far as I know there was only one wall painted by TLP in Germany. It is situated in Berlin Tegel and has been painted in 2014 for Urban Nation. Now […]

44309 STREET//ART GALLERY shows „ECLOSION“ Solo Show SWIZ (France)

With a crying and a laughing eye I found myself on Friday at Humboldstraße where the UFAM project wall painted by L7M and SOFREESO had already passed away. The wall was repainted by SWIZ who is a guest in 44309 Street Art Gallery until December 17th with a solo show „ECLOSION“. For more pictures -> click

Dortmund – Unionviertel à la surprise

I had planned a short walk in Dortmund yesterday to visit Sudermannstraße 4 and the location of one more UFAM Ruhr team, Ursula Meyer and E.V.U. As it is announced at UFAM Ruhr homepage, the gable will be painted within two weeks from 13.09.2016 on. The outlines had already been painted and work rested.

UFAM Ruhr overshoot

This weekend is a challenge as summer rehearses rebellion. There were two fixed dates at Friday when the first wall of UFAM Ruhr was painted in Hamm by artist collective SilbernesReh at a wall of an old substation (Friedrichstraße / Heinrich-Reinköster Straße).

August picks up speed

Nothing happens and no progress is in sight, that was my first thought this morning. Then I checked UFAM RUHR on Facebook and suddenly was awakened! Finally they gonna start: 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY and UFAM RUHR will present the finest selection of emerging street and urban artists. On show will be a core of German […]


From September 10th until October 15th 44309 Street//Art Gallery shows Claudio Ethos (BR). The Brazilian muralist has a unique handwriting, using a minimal colour palette. He began drawing in his early teens using ball point pens and pencils and developed his skilled use of the dreamlike monochromatic images over time. Take a look at the […]

44309 STREET//ART GALLERY shows „UNLIMITED“ Solo Show Luis Seven Martins aka L7M (Brazil)

Many’s the time I’ve said it and I cannot repeat it often enough: Dortmund’s amazing! With all my lack of interest in soccer’s European championship and Public Viewing, Dortmund offers a pleasent counterweight for art lovers and sport phobics. Yeeha – It’s Emscherkunst-time in Dortmund and a lot to do far away from soccer!

A so called Street-Art Festival and a Highlight at Adlerstraße

My brother in law, who knows about my streetart enthusiasm, called me to tell me about a streetart festival in Dortmund, I had heard nothing yet of. Next day I ran like a streak, as Dortmund is one of my favorite destinations in my region. The keyword „in a shopping mall“ should have warned me […]

44309 STREET//ART GALLERY shows „IMPERFECT TENSE“ Solo Show Alice Pasquini aka ALICE (Italy)

I had already told that I am a fan of 44309 Street//Art Gallery in Dortmunds Unionviertel. In the immediate neighbourhood of the U-Tower building, they are focussing on urban art.

Dortmund’s Backyards – surprising and exciting

Dortmund, that is Beer, soccer and the BVB, Phoenix-Lake and U-Tower – and there are Nazi-Demos, run-down houses and a high unemployment too. The image of this city is very bad, but I think of this city with excitement. For me it is the sexiest city of NRW. Who wonders, I look at it from […]