Archiv für den Monat Mai 2020

Seen today in passing

In times of Corona travelling by public transport over longer distances is difficult and stressful, if not impossible, which moves Berlin and Kreuzberg far away and unreachable – initially. So it’s natural, to look around, to find something nearby, some kind of replacement. In Essen, the neighbouehood around Isenbergplatz is, what comes closest to my […]

FOXY – Positive Vibrations Yeah

Anna Littsa aka FOXY and her friends have decorated HoF Unterführungsstraße with a whole lot of their sophisticated pieces. My last visit in Meiderich brought a number of findings of diverse collaborations, mostly untouched and highly respected by the scene. Who wonders, FOXY & Friends never run out of new ideas. Anna Littsa aka FOXY […]

Keep your distance – and wear a Mask

In a cluster, everyone has to wear a mask; exception: Shaun the Sheep and relatives. The ordinary sheep must be well dressed and allowed to enter the shop. Seen today in passing. Rüttenscheider Straße 155 – RÜ Art

HoF Duisburg – Alte Kaserne in May

I have decided to explore public transport, wearing the obligatory face mask. Since the shutdown I previously had avoided public transport and made my walks on my own feet only. Duisburg is not so far away, but impossible to reach on foot; so this was my first visit in Duisburg this year. ÜBEL and others […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

Forwarding: The wall shown is not a legal wall. I have no idea, who the owner of this wall is, but one is for sure: he/she must be a fan of graffiti, as he/she tolerates the frequently popping up of new pieces of the finest graffiti artists of NRW. TEACH TONEY DEMON THE TOP NOTCH […]

0(æ) – The King, his Lap Dog and the Scholar

Essen is more a graffiti than a paste-up area and so it’s always a moment of happyness, to find them in public space. Mostly they are in bad condition when I come along and find them. So yesterday I had a lucky day, when I found some brandnew works of 0(æ) in Rüttenscheid at Messeparkplatz […]

Corona Stones all over Germany

In days of Corona, when lock down is a problem for everyone, a colourful sign of hope, not only for school kids, is to be found in public space. Handpainted stones are placed everywhere, to connect people, who cannot come close together. A colourful snake of stones, which gets longer and longer, can be found […]

Supporting Structure Colour – Olli Rose

Helbingbrücke, a space-off area next to Essen’s railway station, currently gets a face lift. 4 columns of 20 in total get a new design by local street artists. The second column was finished last weekend by Olli Rose, member of art collective SIGNS AND WONDERS. Olli Rose is an experienced tattooist and has a very […]

Supporting Structure Colour – COSY

Jan Schoch aka EIKE is the creative head behind project Stützwerk Farbe, which has the very ambitioned aim to give the 20 columns of Helbingbrücke a new design. Essen’s Cultural Office kindly supports the project with 2000 EUR project expenditure. That isn’t that much, considering that the financial outlay to design only one column is […]