Supporting Structure Colour – Olli Rose

Helbingbrücke, a space-off area next to Essen’s railway station, currently gets a face lift. 4 columns of 20 in total get a new design by local street artists. The second column was finished last weekend by Olli Rose, member of art collective SIGNS AND WONDERS.

Olli Rose is an experienced tattooist and has a very personal handwriting, which is unique in Essen’s urban art scene. In his paintings he has a distinct affinity to the magical. His art blurs the boundaries between dream and reality and always has more than only one layer of meaning. If had to be asked to give this column a name, I would name it „Rabbit Column“ unless „Corona Column“

My my my! I had expected it to be not easy, but this is a challenge! Let’s see – the set pieces:

  • a hare with mouth-nose protection and winged ears
  • another hare with aries horn and bloody mouth
  • diverse blood-red poppy blossoms
  • playing cards – Two of Diamonds, The Hermit (IX) and The Hierophant (V)
  • a bitten-into apple
  • a dove
  • a pathogen
  • and – last but not least – the explanation provided: „Vertreibung aus dem Paradigma“ (Expulsion from Paradigm)

Let’s bend it into shape and assume that the bitten-into apple has got nothing to do with a well known American multinational technology company, but is more a symbol for temptation and expulsion. The hare may stand for the infinite, constantly renewing and never drying up power of life. The virus cannot beat it, as it is well protected and well-fortified.

All those set pieces may have dual meanings. The poppies may be rememberance poppies, in memory of the the countless and nameless victims of Corona worldwide. If you like, you can bring everything depicted in a context with the plague. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, but I like the feeling, that the artist has had the same thoughts like me while painting that pillar.

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