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HoF Alte Kaserne in May

Hall of Fame Alte Kaserne is a playground for artists of all stripes from near or far. And they all are very well prepared to fire out of all cans. DOM45 EULE x HOBEL x TAIR MGS POUT x OREO x PERN more pictures -> click

HoF Alte Kaserne in March

Looking for space to find distraction from the absolute disastrous news from Ukraine, I decided to make a walk at Duisburg’s hall of fame in Wanheimerort. HoF Alte Kaserne – always a guarantee for good mood through colour! MROF DOM45 OSW MROF PLB more pictures -> click

HoF Duisburg – Alte Kaserne in July

Do you know that too? Getting up in the morning without having special plans and expecting nothing special for the upcoming day? And then – WOW – at the end of the day you are left behind breathless. That is how my day was yesterday. I decided for a walk in Duisburg. My last visit […]

HoF Duisburg – Alte Kaserne in May

I have decided to explore public transport, wearing the obligatory face mask. Since the shutdown I previously had avoided public transport and made my walks on my own feet only. Duisburg is not so far away, but impossible to reach on foot; so this was my first visit in Duisburg this year. ÜBEL and others […]