Karo & Philip Goldstein are ZONENKINDER. „We are traveling creatives who love nature, enjoy life and push the boundaries of graffiti and urban art. Going out in the cities and in the „nature“ around the globe and create there means to feel alive: to take the world, to paint, to install, to be free! The urban scene, the nature or the white cube become stages of our artistic expression. There is a long history in creative occupation of urban landscapes by celebrating and painting in squatted houses e.g. in Berlin since the late nineties. Through our creative interventions we alter places and re-interpret them – devoid of their original purpose these places and objects merge into an artistic collage of the Zonenkinder world. BTW we received the ARTAQ Award 2012 Paris, which is given to artists for outstanding contribution to the evolution of the Urban Arts movement by an international jury.“

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