Archiv für den Monat Dezember 2016

Between the years

I’m fed up with Xmas and all the hype around sleigh bells and all that madness about the presents. Thank heaven, Christmas dinner is  digested and the end of this year is near. What remains is to wait for the Fireworks and the feast, and for the intervening period (inbetween) don’t make too much plans, […]

Cheers to the new year!

May it be a memorable one. Smile and celebrate – and break some eggs into the pan instead of banger and potatoe salad!


New piece of NN spotted at Villa RÜ

UFAM Ruhr final exhibition

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming final exhibition of UFAM Ruhr (Urban Fine Art Meeting), which was an interdisciplinary art convention, debuting in five cities across the Ruhr Area. It focused on bringing urban artists and studio artists in interaction in public space. The creative quarters throughout Ruhr Area cities (Hamm, […]

Markus Lüpertz „Uranos“ took over Theaterplatz in the dead of night

Without attracting much attention, secretly and quietly by night, „Uranos“, the younger brother of „Herkules“, who has been headquartered at Nordsternturm in Gelsenkirchen, has settled down at Theaterplatz. His viewing direction is the front of festively decorated Grillotheater. Public opinion is splitted as ever, when talking about art in public space. Source: [1]

HMKV Exhibition at Dortmunder U shows Dan Perjovschi „The Hard Drawing“

I don’t like too much steps. I like elevators, but moving staircases I love the most! That is why I have to visit the actual exhibition in Museum Ostwall Niki de Saint Phalle „Ich bin eine Kämpferin“ a second time.

Museum Ostwall shows Niki de Saint Phalle „Ich bin eine Kämpferin“

I would like to draw your attention to an exhibition of Museum Ostwall (MO). Opened in 1949, the museum, which was once situated at Ostwall, moved during the European Capital of Culture Year 2010, to the Dortmunder U. It shows art from the 20th century to the present day and displays its collection on the 4th and 5th […]

Murals in Essen (2nd)

I was angry about a friend, who described Essen as a real desert of art and wondered about those preconception; unbraked by any expertise. I recommended him to open his eyes and look around. There is art in public space in Essen! Not that spectacular and well published as in Berlin or Hamburg, but we […]

Hommage to Moni van Rheinberg

Gabor Doleviczenyi (Zinnober) has painted a new Mural in Essen Dellwig at a private house in Levinstraße. The owner of that house is Florian van Rheinberg, a son of Moni van Rheinberg, who deceased 10 years ago. Her work is present in Essen at many places and characterizes mainly the north side of Essen. The […]

Oldies but Goldies

ADD ENTRY Very old, but highly respected