There are not many German terms, to find the way into the international linguistic usage. The term „German Anxt“ was able to prevail. It refers to the phenomenon of gratuitous fear or anxiety and is felt as typically German, especially by observers from the Anglo-Saxon area. What has this got to do with the writer? I have no idea! If there is a connection, I’m not able to find it. What I have found in the last years since 2016, when I first noticed one of those strange cephalopods with eye(s), was a number of stickers, paste-ups and graffiti in different techniques. I don’t know that much about ANXT, except that this artist, who is active in NRW is not picky in the choice of techniques. I have found the tag made with markers, but there are stickers, paste-ups and graffiti too all around the NRW area.
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