Archiv für den Monat Oktober 2016

5 Days of London – Part V

What a bitch of a day! 5 splendid days in London – all gone! I felt bad, not only because I was infected with a flu, which did not have to happen. You remember that damned suit-wearer in the tube? All I had to do was to check out my B&B and make good use […]

5 Days of London – Part IV

This was the day of the inadvertent encounter of me and a bacteria-contaminated suit-wearer in the tube from Hammersmith to Camden Town. This encounter should shorten my stay there unrequested. I can hardly say when I was  last in Camden Town – it’s a long, long time ago; definitely long before it became a damn […]

5 Days of London – Part III

After the last day’s hard ride, I decided to give my body a chance to recover properly with an easy ride, preferably in one of London’s public Gardens or in a landscape park. There is a wide selection of Gardens and Paks in and around London, but whenever I’m in town, The Royal Botanic Gardens […]

5 Days of London – Part II/II

Started at 9 am, I walked through endless street art without break and as I reached Pedley Street / Brick Lane about noon, I was really fed up with this walk. I absolutely needed a break, immediately! I was very lucky to get the sign -> To Nomadic Community Gardens and Cafe. OK a garden […]

5 Days of London – Part II/I

For a long time the glittering world of the financial district was the outer border and Lands End of London. Passing Bishopsgate and Liverpool Street, you entered the dark East End, heart of Cockney culture and working-class people. Where once grafters toiling at the docks, Jack the Ripper once committed his monstrous deeds and in […]

5 Days of London – Part I

I have to get it off my chest before I get going: this is for YOU, you stupid suit-wearer, who has been sitting next to me in the Tube from Hammersmith to Camden on Thursday last week. Pale faced with a shade of green, coughing and sneezing and spreading your bacilli all over your neighbour […]