5 Days of London – Part II/II

Started at 9 am, I walked through endless street art without break and as I reached Pedley Street / Brick Lane about noon, I was really fed up with this walk. I absolutely needed a break, immediately! I was very lucky to get the sign -> To Nomadic Community Gardens and Cafe. OK a garden and a cafe, that was promising. Peace and tranquillity, birds and bees, and a chair please. What followed I wasn’t prepared for.

574.JPGThe way to this garden was an attack in graffiti, stickers and paste-ups. I didn’t know, that this location is the setting of annual MoS (Meeting of Styles) UK, London’s largest graffiti and street art festival. It took me nearly an hour to reach the entrance of that garden! The Garden opened in May 2015 when the owner, a property development company, leased an abandoned parcel of 412land caged between two railroad tracks to James Wheale,  director of the community. He founded the garden, where Bangladeshi families can grow seasonal vegetables alongside their non-Bangladeshi neighbours. The idea was that the Garden can improve Londoners’ quality of life by helping growers lower their food bills, share skills, and build relationships. All structures are portable, and the project Nomadic Community Gardens; The Raving Cafeis intended to eventually be moved to  other cities – veggie beds, rain harvesters, and all. Both the on-site office and lightweight veggie beds can be transported by truck in an overnight action [1]. And as if this was not enough, you’ll find a cute mini-café with a wide selection of homemade soup, cakes, vegetable patches, upcycled materials, a free library, an eclectic collection of 383b.jpgchairs and (what else?) much more street art. There goes my break! Do you want to know what to do with old tyres? There are some fantastic sculptures made from bike tyres by Analisa Mandi and other sculptures and installations by MCLN and Matt Smart. And – just before a nervous break down – the Meeting of Styles Masterpiece made in a 468a.JPGcollaboration of ARSEK x ERASE x ACIDCOLLAPSE x MIEDO12. What was planned as a tea-time-break turned out to be a 3 hours drumfire of art and I have seen a lot of street art tours galloping and blah-blahing in this time. As the light faded Brick Lane occured to me and on my way out, right at the end, I found the bee hive and the associated Bee Charmer. All in all a perfect day.

More pictures please find -> here

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