5 Days of London – Part V

What a bitch of a day! 5 splendid days in London – all gone! I felt bad, not only because I was infected with a flu, which did not have to happen. You remember that damned suit-wearer in the tube? All I had to do was to check out my B&B and make good use of the time remaining until the start of the train back home in the afternoon. And that was short enough! So I decided to pay a short visit to Chiswick House & Gardens, which is located near Hammersmith and easy to reach by bus. What I didn’t know was that the house is not open from Thursday – Saturday. The Gardens are open every day from 7am until dusk, all year round.

Chiswick House & Gardens

Chiswick House was home of the third Earl of Burlington, who built the villa with enough space to house his art collection. It was inspired on his first Grand Tour of Europe in 1714. The house was built 1725 – 1729 as a homage to Renaissance architect Palladio. It is one of the earliest examples of neo-Palladian design in England and the gardens are theChiswick House & Gardens; Orange Tree Garden birthplace of the English Landscape Movement.  The gardens at Chiswick House have a combination of grand vistas and hidden pathways, architectural delights and a dazzling array of flowers, shrubs and specimen trees. In a major £12.1million restoration project the historic Gardens have been fully restored in 2010. [1] [2]. 1302aMy time was short, but enough to have a nice morning and to show, that I shall return later essentially, even if it does so in the hope only, to see those Camellia collection, housed in the Conservatory, which was closed for a private festivity that day. As I have already said: what a bitch of a day! The return journey went without a hitch and I’m back to everyday life. The flu has already gone and I got the blues. Wintertime seems to be near and everything, what remains is memory and images – a lot of images.

The pictures of that last day in London -> click

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