Folkwang und die Stadt – Folkwang and the City

Do people still come to the museum to find answers, or does the museum have to approach people and meet them where the questions arise in their immediate living environment? From 21 May to 7 August 2022, Essen’s City North will become the venue for numerous projects that unite culture, city and life. They are all part of the festival „Folkwang and the City„.

I set off with the map available on the homepage in my hand and walked the designated parkour as well as I could. Not an impossible task for a walk, as I thought, but a challenge as it turned out. I’ll just show a few stops here, and reveal my personal highlight. No – it’s not the wool-clad sheep barn at Funke Media Tower, nor is it the contemporary double of a Rodin sculpture, designed by Fari Shams. It is the sculpture Stadtzeichen Handel, transformed by Essen based artist Anne Berlit, that has taken my fancy. The object, originally conceived as a stylised advertising pillar, was restored by her and expanded to include a neon sign, three megaphones and lettering on wall and floor. Berlit – who has led art workshops in prison for years – addresses the divergence of a society that continues to see the complete exclusion of offenders as a tried and tested means of punishment.

Fari Shams „The Educational Complex or The Awakening Man? „

Folke Köbberling & Tobias Thimm „Nachbarschaft auf Zeit“

Anne Berlit “ Licht am Ende des Tunnels“

more pictures -> click


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