Viehofer Platz – Tim Schild & Jan Schoch have finished their work

Pedestrian tunnel at Metro station Viehofer Platz has got a new face by the local artists Tim Schild and Jan Schoch aka EIKE. The tunnel, a neglected place in the past, has got fresh colours and even if the new scene represents a big fight, I’m nevertheless convinced that the passer-by will not fasten his steps to leave the tunnel as quickly as possible.

In parts black smoke billows over the walls. Is it gaining ground, or is it already retreating? My hope is that this waste has lost fight. A lot of brave organic structures, big Birch-like ones and smaller plantlets, fight for a blue sky. They seem to win the fight. There are a number of light holes where the blue sky shines through. The plants will go on growing and producing more holes with blue skies.

Jan Schoch aka EIKE x Tim Schild Farbwandel & SIGNSANDWONDERS SAW

more pictures -> click


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