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One Thing is for sure – The Change

„Schmuddelecken“ – Dirty Corners – each town nows them. You’ll recognize them by the people hurrying by with lowered eyes, without taking notice for the closer environment. Street art and graffiti adore such places and I love them too. They very often produce the gems I am hunting for. In Essen one of those places […]

To err is human …

Names are important; they give meaning and identity. This also applies to the correct names of graffiti crews. They don’t make it easy to you to find out the crew name, as most of them use abbreviations. In addition they use to play with those abbreviations, according to mood and opportunity. Due to that, I […]

HoF Bad Cannstadt – April 2015

Corona – and no end in sight. OK – lets have a look at my activities in April 2015, when I was in Stuttgart for a number of days. I didn’t know that much about Stuttgart and the local street art scene, but an article of a magazine reported about the graffiti scene there, which […]

Easter Bunnies

L.E.T. – LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES „All different, all the same“ (12/2016) unknown artist (03/2018) & 1ZWO3 „Duracell“ (09/2015) OBSKUR (04/2018) & MOC (07/2019) & HASE (02/2016) LIMEY (03/2019) & SIGNS AND WONDERS (03/2019)

Easter Eggs

It’s a challenge to find new ideas for posts in times of Corona. As I have decided to avoid public transport and do everything on foot, there is a lack of new pieces to be shown here. Let’s see – we have had a post about sculls, resipratory protection masks and face coverings, toiletpaper was […]

HoF Villa RÜ in April (2016)

Well, I have said it before, I cannot walk 4 kilometers to HoF Villa RÜ very often. As I avoid using public transport due to Corona, it would be better then, to camp out in a tent. The brillaint weather results a high activity there, as usual in spring. In the case you are interested […]

In the light of recent developments …

One of the headlines of this morning was Donald Trump, who has found a new opponent in the actual crisis: The World Health Organization. Trump threatened to “put a hold” on U.S. funding to the W.H.O. Immediately I remembered a piece of OVAO x HAER, found in March 2017 at HoF Auf der Donau, which […]

HoF Auf der Donau in April (2016)

NIKER – ABM crew DBF & BRES NN NINONEIN & unknown artist STUK – CR crew Location More pictures -> click

HoF Villa RÜ in April (2015)

It’s heartbreaking and really drives me to despair; spring just turns on the turbo and staying home turns out to be a challenge of a special kiind. So what more have we got to do? Lets have a look back in time to Villa RÜ in April 2015. IBTB – ILLBOYS TEAM BRAVO More pictures […]

HoF Auf der Donau in April (2015)

DVS COPY BRES PS crew REYS EBOS PS crew unknown artists WOOD Location More pictures -> click