Signal Box Essen West Ewf

Essen West Ewf, passed by thousends of railway passengers every day, is a landmark for Essen. It marks the entrance of Essen’s main station, coming from the west.
Railway facilities exert a magic attraction to graffiti sprayers. Signal boxes are no exception, but it seems that the ambition of German Railway to clean their facilities from graffiti as soon as possible, only applies to the rolling stock. Buildings like signal boxes normally stay untouched from this cleaning delusion for years. Essen West Ewf is a remote-controlled signal box, regularly unmanned. I suppose that this is the reason why it is designed with graffiti all the time and remains painted. Its position as an entrance gate to Essen main station from the west side, is prominent enough, to be in the focus not only for train passengers. Some of the graffiti placed here are oldies and highly respected by the local writers. One of my favorites is a piece of ADD ENTRY, which I know from the beginning of my street art mania (2013) on. Is there anyone out there who knows exactly how old it is?

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