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Flingern is a former working class neighbourhood in Düsseldorf’s north side. With it’s old building fabric, affordable rents and the very good transport connections, it is quite attractive for young families and people looking for quality of life. Flingern is home of Fortuna 95 and has a lot of pubs, cafes, galleries and shops, which make this quarter attractive for a number of colourful people. This all makes this part of the city a Notting Hill of Düsseldorf. That sounds like an Flingern S; FÖNS et al.article for an estate agent’s promotion brochure? Never mind – this is no sponsored advertising article, but I fear that the sharks have just arrived in Flingern. And they have brought in diggers and wrecking balls. No idea what comes next; I hope nothing alarming yet! Might be more unnecessary luxury flats, invaluable, but hip.

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