Wright Festival – always good for a surprise

For 5 years now, Wright Festival Bochum is a constant in the street art calendar of my area. Rather mentioned in a subordinate clause of their Festival flyer, as a special addition besides the new murals, in the first days of November they have set free a gang of bloody crazy perfectionists of stencil artists to hit the streets. I put myself on their track and found works of the luxury class. TONA, PZY and JPS play Premier League and belong to a category of their own.

Grown up in Weston-Super-Mare near Bristol, the work of street artist Jamie Scanlon aka JPS is very popular and listed on Google Maps. A visit at the infamous Banksy exhibition in Bristol in 2009 turned his life. He now lives in Germany. [1]

I don’t know that much about PZY, except that she is a 30 year old street artist, based in Germany. Due to the comments on her Instagram account, I suppose her to be married with JPS. In any case she is definitely in the same league with him.

Hamburg based artist TONA prefers children as a projection surface for his art, as children show real emotions and don’t wear a „mask“ like most of everyday people. Most of the kids he paints he has met on the streets while painting there.

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  1. Toll! Den Click auf „more pictures“ kann ich allen Besuchern nur empfehlen. Das Eichhörnchen ist übrigens von Metraeda.

    Viele Grüße!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Vielen lieben Dank, auch für die Info zu METRAEDA💕


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