HoF Essen Borbeck is one of our halls of fame which are not allowed to be painted spontaneously. You have to ask for permission first. Probably that is the reason why it doesn’t change its face very often. Nevertheless, the frequency of renewance is not an indicator of the quality of the pieces found there […]

I would like to draw your attention to the new solo show „WE CAN BE HEROES“ at Take a Butcher’s Gallery in Düsseldorf Flingern, Hoffeldstraße 42. THE POSTMAN collective from Brighton spread love on the streets by creating art that surprises where you least expect it. Colorful pieces of art, celebrateing the heroes of our […]

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming group show „DEAR ALL“ at Herne’s Alter Wartesaal im Bahnhof Herne, which is the first exhibition of Pottporus with an all-female lineup and presents recent works by the four well known urban artists Katja Bot (Paris), JuMu Monster (Berlin), Ursula Meyer (Essen) and Giza One […]

My first visit of the new HoF in Dortmund next to Speicherstraße 100 was a blast. The new hall was unveiled a few days ago and it seemed to me that the opening had mobilised the creme de la creme of the graffiti scene in North Rhine-Westphalia. Unfortunately, it turned out that my camera had […]

10 YEARS OF HAPPYNESS – this its how PAYIT brought it to a nutshell. And he really must know, After all, he was there very often from the beginning in the year 2013. Hafendampf – this is an event with a guarantee of good vibes for audience and actors. The neighbourhood of Bottroper Straße 180 […]

The site where the former „Knauf Interfer Hall“ once stood is now home to North Rhine-Westphalia’s longest Hall of Fame. Graffiti artists can now express their creative ideas on the 600-metre-long wall that surrounds the area to the west. This Hall of Fame is one of the longest of its kind in NRW; a total […]

For Baladk Festival 2021, one of the most famous French street artists and globetrotter, Seth Globepainter, has painted the murals “The last piece” and „Three cages“ in Hashmi Al Shamali, a neighborhood in Amman that is inhabited by generations of Palestinians that still struggle to build a life. What I particularly like about this works, […]

As I have said before, countless artists from near and far have participated in Hafendampf over the years. Too much to name and show their works in the frame of my post. Today the day has come, Hafendampf turns into a teenie (may God save us all!), but before I start to meet you all […]

Today our countdown comes to an end. Tomorrow the big party will start at Bottroper Straße. Of course I cannot end without mentioning the „Coolest of All“ at last. The CVA crew, they all are our local heroes, and they are much more than SHIK and BRICKS & DRIPS! The crew, based in Essen, were […]

Either they invade the city with a concentrated team, or they stand for themselves and alone to fight a wall. The JUKEBOXCOWBOYS (Hamburg) are a constant factor at Hafendampf. They leave behind rich gifts whenever they are in town. Watch out! The cowboys ride through the city! JBCB Hafendampf 2013 Hafendampft 2015; JBCB – Jukebox […]