HELENA KOSMONAUT x TEK ATG & PILZ GATO & SCRIB Location more pictures -> click

The wall below Gustv Heinemann Brücke in Essen Werden doesn’t change it’s design that often, as it is not listed as one of Essen’s legal walls. Nevertheless new pieces of graffiti pop up here in very infrequent intervals. Why Chrome is so popular with writers is beyond me; they will have their reasons. In any […]

Streetart Offensive Gelsenkirchen had planned the costs for 5 brand new murals for 2022 and initiated an open call for artists, which was concluded in August. From around 125 applications received from all over Germany and Europe, a jury selected artists who were allowed to realise their designs on prominent walls in Gelsenkirchen. Then Mr. […]

I don’t know what it looks like for you, but for me it’s clear that I’m not leaving the house today! That’s why the pictures shown here are canned food, saved for a rainy day. Canned food, but not junk food! The 4th mural of Street Art Offensive Gelsenkirchen was made by Berlin based LOOK […]

In the absence of any current pieces, here a number of older pieces, which take into account today’s occasion. HoHoHo GFS (12/2021) MGS? (12/2021) SIRUP & SIR & JHK & unknown artist (12/2019) unknown artist & SADAM (12/2015)

Of course, I know very well that we are in December and that tomorrow is St. Nicholas. It couldn’t go on forever with this mild weather! But I have taken precautions for such dark and wet days, when you don’t send a dog out the door. How about something tropical, like a jungle, for example? […]

After the walls of Steele station were artfully spruced up some time ago, the three pillars at the subway between the station and Steele city centre have now also been redesigned.The Immediate city centre Programme, which is funded by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Building and Equality of the State of North Rhine […]

Kurt Schumacher Straße connects the Gelsenkirchen districts of Schalke and Buer. It is incredibly long; the longest street in the city of Gelsenkirchen. And, in my opinion, incredibly desolate. It is characterised by ancient industrial plants, newer commercial areas, endless rows of houses and never-ending traffic noise. If you look around for colour, you have […]

Lately I have neglected Villa RÜ a bit and when I did take the time, the pieces I found were no longer untouched and painted over unattractively. Today, however, Villa RÜ has given rich gifts. DEBIL CVA & BLIND IB THE TOP NOTCH & SHIK CVA USW & 0ae Location More pictures -> click

You must not let it out of your sight for too long, otherwise you won’t find even the really good pieces untouched. By the way, this does not only apply to Hall of Fame Emscherhalle: there are always leftover cans that are lying around everywhere with which even the most untalented do-nothing can sabotage a […]