This is the end now of the series „The Pillars of Hafendampf in the course of the time“. After all it is quite clear now: there are five pilllars on each side. 10 pillars in total, additionally a huge front – and shutoff wall. They all are painted mostly on each side. I have shown […]

5th Pillar left – Back IGB „Ghost Busters“ (2013) SKIPPER & CHOKO (2016) SKIPPER & CHOKO (2017)

5th Pillar right – Back IGB „Ghost Busters“ (2013) SILE (2016) Unknown Artist(s) (2017)

5th Pillar left – Front TAKO GBR (2013) TOPIC x POMES X ORIS (2016) TOPIC x POMES X GERD (2017)

5th Pillar right –  Front GBR THE GHETTOBLASTERS (2013) THE COLOURED BOULEVARD; ANGUS (2016) EISER & ASIE (2017)  

4th Pillar left- Back CVA Crew & OLE VON OEPEN „Anne Bude“ (2013) EBS Crew; KNUT & LANS (2016) MYST & ASE „On The Run“ (2017)  

4th Pillar right – Back CVA Crew & Ole von Oepen „Clausius Treff“ (2013) TEAM ENDZEIT (2016) TEAM ENDZEIT (2017)

4th Pillar right – Front CVA Crew „Stahlstrasse“ & OLE VON OEPEN „Clausius Treff“ (2013) SEMOR POUT MISIOUS (2016) MAJO BROTHERS (2017)

4th Pillar left- Front CVA Crew „Tante Emma Lädchen“ & OLE VON OEPEN „Anne Bude“ (2013) „I Got The Sound“ (2016) GBR? „Ghetto Blaster“ (2017)  

3rd Pillar left – Back Felix Gephart & Dominik Hebestreit aka BIRNE „Baron Münchhausen (2013) 463 Crew; KAME x KOR x SCONE x MOST x BIRNE (2016) EBS Crew; KNUT & LANS (2017)