On 25.3. it was already 10 years ago that RINK, a member of the CR crew, died in an accident. Affectionately called „Chief Forever“ by his friends, a R.I.P. RINK piece has always been painted around the anniversary of his death ever since. I usually have found these mementos, which are always massive and spacey, […]

The word is out: the pandemic has been declared over. Other issues are now on the agenda. The TV programme has not got any better, but there are still constants you can rely on: They are dressing up again and they are also performing again, more or less skilfully. Last Saturday, a new season of […]

Definitely, I’m about 3 weeks behind and a bit out of touch. I have only recently been accepted into the exclusive Club C and am still a bit weak after getting rid of the club logo (consisting of two parallel red lines on an oval white test field). A lot has happened at the hall […]

Just recently, during one of my wanderings, I stumbled across a paste-up by the Berlin based street artist LACUNA. I was thrilled; paste-ups are rare to find in Essen and don’t have a high chance of survival here. Too many people try to peel the works off the wall to take them away and destroy […]

Anna Littsa aka FOXY X MR.PILZ Martha Cooper turned 80 today. Who Martha Cooper is, probably doesn’t need to be explained in a blog about graffiti and street art. With her photos and books this woman has had an influence on the global graffiti scene that is impossible to quantify. Her book Subway Art, which […]

At Emscherhalle in these days you’ll meet illustrious characters. An angry hissing cougar. a distinguished lizard, dressed for business and a funky gorilla, as well as an orange kitty besides a number of strange figures, one of them with a highly questionable nose. Anna Littsa aka FOXY MATTEZ X TOKK HAZE x SERA SOON OSW […]

The Ruhr area is a stronghold of graffiti; there are only a few artists who do paste-ups. The street art scene tends to meet on the Rhine in Düsseldorf and Cologne, where it has covered entire neighbourhoods, such as the Belgian Quarter, with this art. I don’t know of such focal points in my area […]

Meiderich’s graffiti tunnel has never been so heavily guarded. A gunman with a smoking Winchester only allows entry under acute danger to life. In the tunnel, the animes are let loose beside the usual suspects. SANTO ASUS x Anna Littsa aka FOXY x ILONKA MAGIC x DEMOKURA COMBOLUTION x DREAM more pictures -> click

To Ancient Egyptians scarab beetles were a smbol of luck And these two pill-rotators are in desperate need of luck, as they have accidentally chosen a highly explosive bomb to lay their eggs in. Wherever they crawl, danger travels with them. Or is it perhaps more about manoeuvring this dangerous object out of the danger […]

In Steele everything is new in spring. Around Kaiser Otto Platz there are a few freshly renovated cable distributors to admire and in addition, some freshly painted flower tubs are waiting to be planted so that the path from the station to the city centre becomes even more colourful. Kaiser-Otto-Platz (11/2022) & (03/2023) THE TOP […]