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Pretty Portal shows – ARDIF solo show „MACHINaturE vs MachiNATURE“

How do you measure the success of an exhibition? I would say that this question is easy to answer. The proportion of exhibited works and red dots, showing that the work is sold, tells enough. According to this, the newest exhibition opened at Pretty Portal on 22nd March, is the most successful exhibition ever. Düsseldorf […]

ARDIF – Traces of „Punks, Robots & Angels“

Close to the gallery Pretty Portal, where in December 2017 ARDIF took part of the group show „Punks, Robots & Angels“, he has left two paste-ups. ARDIF is a young French artist, who deals with mechanics behind living matters. In his drawings he transforms animals to mechanical beings. His creatures are splitted in two parts […]

Pretty Portal shows Claudio Ethos solo show „Deadmocracy“

As all major street artists Claudio Ethos aka ETHOS is a go-getting globetrotter. Today LA and then who knows where. In September he has been in Düsseldorf to work for his very first solo show in Germany „Deadmocracy“ shown by gallery Pretty Portal until 20 October. Besides that he has painted a wall for CityLeaks […]

Pretty Portal shows „Sweet Ash“ group show with SAM3, LIMOW, LIQUEN, HYURO, Daniel Munoz, JEICE2 AND ARIS

Actually, one does not need a special reason to visit Düsseldorf Bilk as streetart is ubiquitously present there. You don’t have to walk that much. Leaving the station Bilk S and crossing the street may take some time to appreciate all those stickers, tiles, stencils and paste-ups there.

Pretty Portal shows „Stencils Only“

Hard to believe, but true: It’s monday and winter is back with snow and as a result kilometer long traffic jams during rush hour anywhere in NRW. It’s wet, cold and muddy everywhere; I deny to resist another trip to Ruhrort. But staying home is not an option! My diary offers an indoor attraction with […]

There is a little going on „Auf der Donau“, but in Düsseldorf there is CAKE

Do you remember, when I passed D-Völklinger Straße S in the last week, there was a wall, visible from the train’s window, tagged with „CAKE“ in a bright pink colour? It clicked in my head and a long sought piece of puzzle slid on the right place. Those candy coloured pieces of cup cakes I […]