One Thing is for sure – The Change

„Schmuddelecken“ – Dirty Corners – each town nows them. You’ll recognize them by the people hurrying by with lowered eyes, without taking notice for the closer environment. Street art and graffiti adore such places and I love them too. They very often produce the gems I am hunting for. In Essen one of those places is the former home of Essen’s station mission, which has moved to a modern quarter around the corner. The building has been abandoned for years and is crime scene for creatives from time to time. It’s therefore worth taking a closer look.

Hollestraße – CVA LYP FUK (07/2016)

Hollestraße – EI CVA LYP (12/2019) & 0ae (10/2021)

Hollestraße – EI DECYCLE PILZ (09/2014)

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