Let’s talk about Goch Baby

The pictures shown here are somewhat outdated. Due to a number of technical problesms with my computer equipment, I was unable to show them in time. But now – here I am.
Due to Corona it wasn’t easy to plan vacation as usual this year. I didn’t fancy the idea, sittting in a train for hours with a medical mask in front of my face. So Berlin or Hamburg – NO! I decided to spend my holiday in close range. How good that there was a street art festival nearby. Saddle up horses for Goch and GhmS – Goch History meets Streetart!

After an easy ride of 2 hours by urban train, leaving the train at Goch station, after a few steps I was welcomed by a lightly dreessed beauty, designed by Benjamin Vannahme. My way to the hotel of course was sweetened a lot, passinng a number of attractions, all relating to the festival. Please take my travel bag now and follow me to Jahnstraße, where we will take up quarters for the next days, while I’m busy to take the first pictures on our way.


Hinter dem Engel 7; MISTER OREO


Jahnstraße 6; MOMO x SEMOR x CYOS x ROZER


tbc soon

more pictures -> click

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