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HoF Villa RÜ in June

Legal walls can be used for more than only fun. KEDO, member of 134crew, also uses his talent to draw attention to Rosa’s fate. Rosa is 8 years old, loves dinosaurs and is in the second grade. She has leukaemia and urgently needs a stem cell donation. And even though Rosa has found a donor […]

HoF Auf der Donau in May

Everyone knows the Game Boy and everyone loves it. This device is cult! When it appeared in Japan in 1989, it was a revolution in the video game market and since then, the system has sold well over 100 million units. Because only with it gamers could play their favourite games – like Tetris, Super […]

HoF Zollstraße in February

I almost forgot it above all the bad news due to the conflict in the Ukraine. I have been at HoF Zollstraße again, to see what’s new there. The demolition of even the last walls continues to progress, but there are a few persistent friends, who are still delivering. BRICKS & DRIPS BRICKS & DRIPS […]

HoF Auf der Donau in March

Even on a walk to HoF Auf der Donau you’re not sure to meet conspiracy theorists there. There are people, who, with all the information available to them, come to the conclusion that the real aggressors in the Ukraine conflict are the EU and Angela Merkel in particular. But there is, however, one thing on […]

Mercy – the Russians are coming

This is a sad day. It’s 30 years ago since the Berlin Wall has fallen and the Cold War has come to an end. I never thought that I would have to face war again on European soil within my lifetime. But – sad but true – Russia made truth on its months-long threats and […]

The first walk of the new year

For me it has been a tradition since the beginning of my interest for graffiti and street art, to take the first walk of the year to the Danube. Essen is next to the Danube; one of our halls of fame is called Donau – after the river, just like the street „Auf der Donau“ […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

In 2017, at backside of Atelierhaus Schützenbahn, TYMON has painted a colourful miner as a tribute for the region. His mural „Dig Deep“ was very taken in the course of the time and was overpainted for Werkstrand e.V. event „Sound Sketch“ in September 2021 by a group of local artists. Tymon Ferenc de Laat aka […]

Murals in Essen (9th)

90 murals in a town like Essen, that is quite an achievement for a city that does not necessarily excel as a street art stronghold. But of course, that’s not all; we’re growing and get more as time goes by. Please find more -> here Hedwigstraße; Gabor Doleviczenyi „Der Kuss“ (05/2017) Location Helbingstraße; Olli Rose […]

HoF Emscherhalle – Halloween Battle

Halloween traditionally attracts a lot of people. Not only children dress up with creepy costumes and go trick-or-treating in order to win loot or trophies. At Hall of Fame Emscherhalle a graffiti contest with the topic HALLOWEEN was organized by Duisburg’s street worker team of the youth welfare office. More than 20 graffiti artists followed […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

„Schmuddelecken“ – Dirty Corners – each town nows them. You’ll recognize them by the people hurrying by with lowered eyes, without taking notice for the closer environment. Street art and graffiti adore such places and I love them too. They very often produce the gems I am hunting for. In Essen one of those places […]