5 days of Berlin – Departure

Just like the day of arrival, the day of departure is always half a day. As usual, I took a train in the late afternoon, to reach home in the evening. To fill the time until my departure in the late afternoon, as usual, a light touristic „lady’s program“ was planned, at least until my Berlin friend asked, if I had heard about the Yard 5 graffiti gallery next to Modersohnbrücke.


And then that was it with my lady’s program! OK – Friedrichshain – again! Yard 5 is a well known graffiti shop, based at Samariter Strasse 5. Since 2007 they supply graffiti writers with all they need and regularly organize graffiti jams. The graffiti gallery at the property of a car wash, next to Modersohnbrücke, is not a legal hall of fame. In March 2018 it got a facelifting by a number of friends of Yard 5, like SBB, CKW, RTZ, TCK, FAT315, DEJOEDRICK THE VILLAIN, DOPIE, CONSE and many other local, national and international graffiti artists.

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