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Notes from a Berlin friend

Felix & Matthias Gephart have been guests in Essen for Hafendampf several times; that is why I know about the brothers and their work. My Berlin friend has found a work of them at the former RAW property in Berlin-Friedrichshain in July and I have to confess that I again have changed the colour of […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

I don’t know if this piece of EL BOCHO has been painted or glued to that wall. All I know is, that this piece is ancient history now. It was located in Friedrichshain, at the premises of a former car service station, which housed the techno club „Morlox“ until 2014, when it has fallen victim […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

From now on under this headline I will post more or less frequently the pictures of a Berlin based friend. He has no real wish to create a blog, or to have his own homepage, but wants to share his pictures. We have agreed to show his pictures in the context of this blog, as […]

STYRO – pieces of art, short-lived and much coveted amongst the fans

In Berlin Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain I came across a number of stunning 3D installations, made of styrofoam. Those installations (styro-cuts) are rare, once installed, they are taken away soon, as they have many adorers.

6 days of Berlin – 2nd day

Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg – that was the question. starting my 2nd day in Berlin, onto the track of 1st Berlin Mural Fest. The map showed me the way; the decision for Friedrichshain was easy: worst things first. Friedrichshain is always crowded by tourists, especially around East Side Gallery. I hate their selfie-mania. Self-regarding, reckless and […]


The characters of EL BOCHO are varied. First of all in his illustrious selection of characters is „Little Lucy“ the cat hater, „Pete“ a sweet little bird, „Kalle & Bernd“, the two surveillance cameras and their passion for observation and his melancholic „City Girls“. I do not remember seeing one of his girls with glasses […]

5 days of Berlin – Part IV

Thursday – the day after THE HAUS – and I was still battered down! And all throughout is Berlin! To get in gear this morning was hard, and so I decided to take it easy and leave my decisions to the spur of the moment.