5 days of Berlin – 5th day

1095a.jpgThis was Monday and as I had only made flying visits in Friedrichshain the days before, Friedrichshain took hold of me. This was my last day in Berlin before departure day and I headed again for Ostkreuz, after having a short look at the new piece of FINDAC at Bülowstraße. He had promised to finish it the day before and it was, as announced. One man – one word. His mural at Bülowstraße was painted for Project M/14 and the „GAIA REBORN – A Future Utopia“ exhibition. It is titled „Levetemho“. This exhibition is on show from 11 May – 10 July 2019 at URBAN NATION Production Office, Bülowstraße 97.
My next goal was Friedrichshain, without a special point of interest, but to surf the streets, beeing aware of whatever you’ll meet. I began to stroll around, 1161.JPGcriss-cross Friedrichshain, hard to remember where I was. I was followed hard on the heels by STICKERMAIDBERLIN, MESY, MARYCULA and all those others. And they all were there, the designed advertising columns, stickers, paste ups, stencils and installations. The bare areas and squatted houses, the galleries and free-standing fire walls, designed by the BERLIN KIDZ and everything for the special needs of the hungry and thirsty street art hunter. To choose one remarkable wall, I would mention Simplonstraße / DirschauerstraßeSimplonstraße / Dirschauerstraße – covered with graffiti and artworks of all kinds and varieties from top to bottom. But there is more, much more to discover. A step around the next corner and you’ll be in a parallel universe and in street art hunter’s paradise. For me the next step was Wühlischstraße and Wühlischplatz. A few steps from there my map pointed out „Graffiti Corner“, which caught my attention. My Berlin friend had sent pictures of that spot and I knew about the 1319a.jpgsmall hall of fame at Böcklinstraße / Wühlischstraße, which is a defined tightening point for local, national and international graffiti writers at all times. Unfortunately this spot is well known and even very good pieces are very short lived there. Sad – but that’s the nature of graffiti and street art. Exciting, but temporary, because new in a blink of an eye.

More pictures of this day -> Schöneberg


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