5 days of Berlin – 4th day

This day I had a date for lunch with my Berlin friend. We agreed that a regular meal in a common restaurant was boring and doesn’t meet our requirements.

1148b.JPGHow good that we were in Berlin, where near Bernauer Straße and Berlin Wall Memorial, in a  historic building of the former Oswald-Brewery, The Factory Kitchen attracts with organic food and street art. Or more precisely: they had on show ROBI THE DOG – Last pieces. To pass the time until lunch wasn’t a problem; the problem was the decision, what to do or not.  At least I headed for Revaler Straße 99. This address identifies and covers an area which was the former Revaler Straße 99; Stencil; Edward von LõngusReichsbahnausbesserungswerk (National Railway Repair Works). It now is a 1700 sqm artistic space dedicated to urban cultures through exhibitions, artist residencies, workshops, concerts, an art gallery and a large beer garden. I wondered that Phatty, my companion was not in sight. It didn’t appear all day. I suppose the forced march in Kreuzberg and the next day at Haus Schwarzenberg were too much for the dog and it was taking a day off. I was there in the early morning and gallery 1215.JPGUrban Spree was still closed, but however, there were a mass of spectacular pieces at this property to be found. My personal highlight: the stencils of Estonian street artist Edward von Lõngus. Amazing and very impressive! Time has passed so fast and around noon it started raining. A dark day turned to wet and dark and I was looking for a dry place to end the struggle with my wet lens. I finished the day in Schöneberg, where the facade of Urban Nation Museum of Contemporary Art had got a facelifting 1301.JPGdue to their new exhibition by SNIK and HERA. As usual, the walk down Bülowstraße took a lot of time and so a visit of the new exhibition had to be postponed to one of my next flying visits in Berlin.

More pictures -> RAW, The Factory & Schöneberg

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