5 days of Berlin – 5th day

Usually my plan for the day of departure is a light touristic „lady’s program“ with a mixture of window shopping, sight seeing and coffee party, not far away from main station, to have a short connection to a train in the late afternoon.
1370.JPGBut my „lady’s program“, I had planned for this last morning, was spoiled by heavy wind and steady rain. So I took myself to the search for the coffee party. A cafe was found quickly at Oranienburger Straße, near former Tacheles. To take pictures was nearly impossible due to darkness and rain and the few I have taken were not that spectacular. I was looking for protection the whole morning and my only highlight was, to find my Berlin companion Phatty waiting for me in a protected and hidden doorway. It had come Sophienstraße; Berliner Handwerker Verein; DARED ALIASacross to wave good bye, dressed as if coming from a dinner-party last night, or it was on the way to a soiree in the evening.  The dog was joined by an old friend sitting on a chair with a raven on his shoulder. I was delighted by this farewell committee.

More pictures – click

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