Hafendampf in the course of the years – The Artists

Today our countdown comes to an end. Tomorrow the big party will start at Bottroper Straße. Of course I cannot end without mentioning the „Coolest of All“ at last. The CVA crew, they all are our local heroes, and they are much more than SHIK and BRICKS & DRIPS! The crew, based in Essen, were of course always part of the game. Many other artists, not mentioned here, were of course also part of the event. Some were there only once, others more often. The fact that they did not play a role in my countdown, is not meant to be a judgement of their work. On the contrary, they were and still are the salt in the soup!


Hafendampf 2013

Hafendampf 2014

Hafendampf 2015 & 2016

Hafendampf 2017 (work in progress) & 2018

Hafendampf 2019

Corona(Hafen)dampf 2020 – SHIK CVA & BRICKS & DRIPS CVA

Hafendampf 2021

more pictures?

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