Hafendampf in the course of the years – The Artists

Either they invade the city with a concentrated team, or they stand for themselves and alone to fight a wall. The JUKEBOXCOWBOYS (Hamburg) are a constant factor at Hafendampf. They leave behind rich gifts whenever they are in town. Watch out! The cowboys ride through the city!

Hafendampf 2013

Hafendampf 2013; JBCB JUKEBOX COWBOYS (Hamburg); „Jukebox Cyborgs“
Hafendampf 2014; JCBC – Jukebox Cowboys (Hamburg)

Hafendampft 2015; JBCB – Jukebox Cowboys (Hamburg) „Train Robbery“

Hafendampf 2016; JCBC – Jukebox Cowboys (Hamburg) „JuicyBeachClubBoys“

Hafendampf 2018; JCBC – Jukebox Cowboys (Hamburg) – MOST & HEIS

Hafendampf 2019; JCBC – Jukebox Cowboys (Hamburg) – BIRNE & MYNT & MOST

Corona(Hafen)dampf 2020; JCBC – Jukebox Cowboys (Hamburg) – MOST & ZAY

Hafendampf 2021; JCBC – Jukebox Cowboys (Hamburg) – BIRNE & MYNT & MOST x ?

more pictures?

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