Wright Festival Bochum – EINSA CE „My Room“

130.JPGDue to their published schedule Wright Festival opened EINSA CE’s show „My Room“ which is a walkable installation in a shopwindow. The artist has installed one of his electronical/mechanical entities, a fox, in the middle of a big pile of autumn leaves. He has emptied a number of sacks with leaves, collected nearby, to the bottom of the room, which smells like beeing in a forest. Music of the spheres blow through the room and recieve the viewer, who opens the door and marvels.



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  1. […] It was a nice coincidence that I met the artist in Bochum at the opening of his installatin „My Room“ for Wright Festival. The artist was amused and gave a hint: next to the ice cream parlour. […]

    Gefällt mir

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