Calamity Frog

The story about this Frog is a never ending story which came to a lucky end today – finally.
037.JPGIn September 2017 I had found a picture of a new piece of EINSA CE in Essen, which showed a location I recognized immediately as University quarter, better known as „Green Center Essen“. My first intuition was to run to the new administrative center of Funke Mediagroup, where the Green Center begins. The picture shown seemed to be shot there. I looked around, but no frog there. Wrong spot or the piece was already taken away. Some time later I had heard in a subclause of a good 050.JPGfriend, he had found the frog. Next day I headed for the new auditorium centre at Rheinischer Platz, where the Green Center ends. The problem was: no frog to be found there. Wrong spot again or the piece taken away? OK I confess, I needed help to find that damned amphibian. It was a nice coincidence that I met the artist in Bochum at the opening of his installatin „My Room“ for Wright Festival. The artist was amused and gave a hint: next to the ice cream parlour. What shall I say – the calamity frog was still there and I hope that it will stay there untouched for a long time. I plan to  return and visit it again and eat one of those delicious ice-cream creations served there.
So keep your hands off!!!


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