Notes from the streets of Amman

The world looks at ukraine with bated breath, the attention is bound there. In such times, the priority is survival and a quick end to the war; culture certainly does not play first fiddle. Still, culture is very good to distract me from my dark thoughts and fears. The irrepressible will of the artists who are working to improve their living environment, especially in the Al Hashmi Al Shamal neighbourhood, gives hope – at least for Amman.
Suhaib Attar, Amman, Jordanien 2020

Two murals in one stretch. The girl in blue was designed by Suhaib Attar. It was done for World children’s day 2020 with @unicef_jordan. The mural theme is to push children’s imagination and dreams even in times of Corona pandemic. The girl wears a flowery mask, imagining space, books and future.

I don’t know anything about the mural opposite. It shows two women wearing the hijab, the traditional headdress of Islamic women. I’ve no idea what they are doing. The image reminds me most of my childhood, when I often helped my mother to pull and fold dried laundry into shape.

Suhaib Attar, Amman, Jordanien;

The pictures in this post are shown by courtesy of a friend currently living in Amman

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