Old bathhouse downtown – Lost place in the middle of the town

Since 1882 at Steeler Straße 38 a public swimming pool was located. At that time it was considered the most modern and largest bath in the city. In the years until 1927, it was repeatedly expanded and finally had a fountain in the middle of the main pool. In World War II the bath was destroyed in a bombing raid and it was not until 1958 that a new building was opened, which was classified in the 1990s as one of the most important buildings of the post-war period in Essen. Unfortunately ambitions to make it a listed building failed .

In December 2015, the doors finally were closed for the swimmers and the management of the city communicated the decision to demolish the building. In an Art project, students of Frida-Levy-Gesamtschule, kids of a local Daycare center and Zinnober Kreativagentur redesigned both the interior and exterior facades of the decommissioned swimming pool. Some sperm whales now adorn the facade.


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