German Railway – Charm Offensive aquiring young trainees?

Travelling by rail is exciting and colourful. For me it is never boring and I don’t need a book nor earphones. The track itself is my newspaper. Who is the most important writer or crew of an area? Who is friend or foe of whom? Try to read the track and hope you have got an unpainted window!

Oberbilker Allee 58Railway facilities exert a magic attraction to graffiti sprayers. If bridges or sound insulation walls, signal boxes or locomotive sheds, abandoned or in operation, artists paint anything that doesn’t move fast enough. To paint a passenger rail car or even the whole train and see the own piece or name travelling the country, is the wet dream of the scene. German Railway, endeavours to clean the facilities as fast as they could to spoil the party and to discourage the sprayers, with little effort and high financial expenditure. Nevertheless German Railways put their trust in graffiti to aquire young people for training specialists from all disciplines of operation services. In the last days I have noticed two new designed facades of buildings Oberbilker Allee 58owned by our railway company in  Düsseldorf and Duisburg. Or is it more ment as graffiti used for graffiti protection? I have no idea how it is meant, graffiti protection or more charm offensive. you would probably call this kill two birds with one stone.

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