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Essen Hall of Fame Zollstraße – Swansong „But in the end it doesn’t even matter…“

Essen’s City Council decided to raise a new quarter in the so called Krupp-Belt-North. In the area between Bottroper Straße, Berthold-Beitz-Boulevard, Pferdebahnstraße, Haus-Berge-Straße, Zollstraße a new district with commercial real estates, 1000 flats and a public park with an open watercourse should be established. And as Essen has a number of 50 districts, the new […]

Essen’s Northside

As I started with streetart in 2013, it was obvious to start with locations with a large concentration of this kind of Art. Graffiti very quickly got into my focus, I love the colors and the ideas transported this way. In Essen it was very easy to find the hot spots – the city has […]