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Murals in Essen (9th)

90 murals in a town like Essen, that is quite an achievement for a city that does not necessarily excel as a street art stronghold. But of course, that’s not all; we’re growing and get more as time goes by. Please find more -> here Hedwigstraße; Gabor Doleviczenyi „Der Kuss“ (05/2017) Location Helbingstraße; Olli Rose […]

Urban Discoveries – Endgame

„What makes a metropolitan region?“ The wall at Berliner Straße, next to Wanne Eickel main station, was finished. GIZA & an unknown artist who calls himsef X, have did their part, as well as Ursula Meyer & Jana-Lina Berkenbusch. The completed wall tells a story of demolishion and flight. Even the rebellious part of society […]

Urban Discoveries

Shortly before the very end of summer and the changeover of all clocks to winter time, there is good news to report after all. Pottporus e.V. strikes again and puts a new project on track to design public space in Wanne Eickel For URBAN DISCOVERIES 8 national and international stars of the street art scene […]

Essen gets on the bike

At ETEC, next to A40, the most frequented motorway in our region, Ursula Meyer has finished her new mural „Essen steigt auf“. Inveterate motorists softly are motivated by two of the artist’s iconic characters on bikes, to change their style of travel to a more climate-conscious one. Location

ETEC Savignystraße – Ursula Meyer work in progress

Ursula Meyer, Essen based freelance artist and illustrator with Argentinian roots, has just started working process at a new mural at ETEC, which is situated at Kruppstraße (U18 Savignystraße) next to highway A40. The new mural shows two of her iconic characters. Location more pictures -> click

Springtime is Paste-up time …

… at least in Essen Frohnhausen Those of you who are walking the Fronx with open eyes currently, may already have noticed them. The paste-ups glued by EIKE with a little help of a number of friends like Ursula Meyer, COSY, 0ae and who knows who else. I don’t know, if I have caught them […]

JesusChris shows Ursula Meyer „Long Distance“

Born 1987 in San Juan, Argentina and raised on different continents, Ursula Meyer is a wanderer between different cultures. Her work is determined by influences from Southamerica, Africa, Asia and Europe. She uses diverse materials and techniques from graffiti and muralism to installation and silhouettes. She experiments with different formats, always in her own and […]

JesusChris shows Ursula Meyer „Long Distance“

I would like to draw your attention to Ursula Meyer’s upcoming exhibition “ Long Distance“, which will be opened next Friday, 23.9. at GARAGE 13, Maxstrasse 13. You’ll find the entrance to the exhibition around the corner at Henriettenstrasse. Please note, that you will get entrance by appointment only. Contact: After the opening, the […]

Im Löwental – Paste-Up Session #3

For the third time in a short time, Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH has made a visit at the underpass at Essen Werden S. He was accompanied by the usual suspects, who have left with united forces a number of new paste-ups. Leo-Leander Namislow aka EINSTRICH (video) Ursula Meyer Leonie Eick XO – unknown artist 0ae […]

Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get

On some days you think it couldn’t get worse; a day off at least and someone has opened heaven’s floodgates and water comes down endlessly. We all know, rain is essential and absolutely necessary for nature, but why not by night? Yesterday – thank heaven – it cleared up in the late morning and so […]