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5 days of Berlin – 3rd day

The next day was a Sunday and as I was still flashed by my Kreuzberg experiences the day before. I got a bumpy start and decided to take it easy with a visit at Haus Schwarzenberg. This is an area which is easy manageable. My Berlin friend gave the recommendation not to miss the S-Bahn […]

Berlin Appetizer II

OK – it will take more time to get an overview! Paste-up festival at Deutsche Oper Berlin is beeing worked on. In the meantime I’ll show a stunning wall created by JOYS & VOLKADERGOLDENEREITER x Henning Marten Feil aka NAUTIC NOBBY3000 & SOKAR UNO at RAW last year. This wall seems to be highly respected; […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

My Berlin friend has found some new gems at Mecklenburische Straße and Oderstraße. This wall is signed with MADOX; I don’t know anything about this artist/crew. This next wall you’ll find at Oderstraße. It has been designed by SOKAR UNO and has got the title „Wings of Paradise“.