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HoF Auf der Donau in July

Location More pictures -> click

HoF Villa RÜ in June

The pictures shown were taken a week ago. You may find HoF Villa RÜ changed, when you try to find them. NYC3K IHS x GFS and others ROWD x HULK x ? GFS More pictures -> click Location

HoF Auf der Donau in May

Oh come on, you can’t be serious! Egyptian hieroglyphs?! In addition to my ordinary calamities reading graffiti inscriptions! What’s next? Hieroglyphs! Who did that? The GOODFELLAS? I have absolutely no idea! GOODFELLAS??? GFS GOODFELLAS – AKOR x ROWD GFS GOODFELLAS – HULK and others Location More pictures -> click

HoF Auf der Donau in April

What’s this???? My last visit of HoF Auf der Donau was last Friday – and now, 3 days later, again? OK this is the story behind: The one and only reason to visit HoF Auf der Donau last Friday, was a new piece of MR.PILZ. I had spotted it via www-egghead and hoped to find […]

HoF Villa RÜ in March (2017)

guests from out of town – BARIO x REMO – LYP crew ARNO – IHS crew & ROWD – GFS crew More pictures -> click Location

HoF Zollstraße in March (2016)

OK – one more boring day of isolation and with corona crisis. Follow me back to March 2016 and Hall of Fame Zollstraße – if you like. OMMO & SIR SIR DIMS x TURD PILZ „TOLERANZ“ & ROWD GFS GOODFELLAS More pictures -> click Location

One Thing is for sure – The Change

All pictures were taken at HoF Villa RÜ and show the same spot in the course of a year. SLOP YSIK ANUS 134 (01/2019 & KEDO x ERIK 134 ( 02/2019) TDB THE DISPOBOYS (03/2019) & BUSE x PILZ SIR (04/2019) SKURIL GFS GOODFELLAS et al. 04/2019 & I4TF GSOX (06/2019) TDB THE DISPOBOYS DEST […]