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Bochum keeps me on my toes

Looking for the latest mural of Martin Bender at Schmidtstraße 12. the day already was fading. Will there be enough time to take a picture? Life is hard for a street art spotter, even if you are not slowed down by Corona (#FUCKCORONA), change of seasons or weather conditions. Well – looking for the Bender […]

Duisburg – HoF Green Path in July

No matter what you’ll find at HoF Green Path in Duisburg Meiderich, this hall of fame on former industrial grounds creates a dense atmosphere through the combination of graffiti art on old, dilapidated and wild overgrown walls. My latest visit brought a number of pieces of Duisburg’s finest. And as usual, I had my problems […]

HoF Auf der Donau in December

In these days, Hall of Fame Auf der Donau has had a number of visitors from the surrounding homesteads alongside our usual suspects. Visitors and guests are welcome at all times here. STIER x SOLIDE TDB THE DISPOBOYS ASEK x JUNKS GBS GOODBOYS EPSC x USW HANZ x BOT PLB Location More pictures -> click

Witten has got a brandnew Hall of Fame

Free spaces for creativity are rare and in times of gentrification and housing shortage, one expects free areas to be reduced, but to get a new. So the opening of a new hall of fame in our region is always a huge thing and a reason to celebrate a party.