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HoF Villa RÜ in August

PASS „RIP STAN LEE“ 134 SMEK KAOS „GEMEINSAM DREIST IM REVIER“ More pictures of Villa RÜ in August -> click Location

HoF Villa RÜ between the years

PASS et al. CVA? & unknown Artist MIKA & FIOK 134 PASS More pictures -> click Location

HoF Zollstraße in December

There’s life in the old dog yet – an old saying whose veracity is proven once again by our hall of fame at Essen’s north side. It bravely fights, although in the background demolition works advance. Nevertheless a number of friends remain faithful and leave amazing gifts every now and then. PASS OXID PALAS More […]

HoF Villa RÜ in December

          134 & PLAYBOY PASS Location

One Thing is for sure – The Change

06/2014 A1ONE „THE CHOICE“ 02/2015 & 09/2015 03/2016 PASS 01/2018 PILZ 07/2018 NN et al. More pictures of HoF Zollstraße -> click Location

Villa RÜ in July

More pictures of Villa RÜ -> click