Schlagwort-Archive: Mr. Earthworm

The five landmarks of Creative Quarter North – „Coal“

Stadtzeichen „Water“ at Fontänengasse is the entrance to Creative Quarter North. Only a few steps away from this first landmark, at the mouth of Kasteienstraße, you’ll find the next one – „Coal“. It states the outstanding importance of this raw material for the city which has had the most coal mines in Europe, and so, […]

Mr. Earthworm’s still alive

One of my last city expeditions led to Essen Frohnhausen and to an unexpected meeting with Mr. Earthworm. It seems to me that he has a comfort zone in the western part of the city, as I found two of those guys there in the immediate vicinity.

Mr. Earthworm is back again to stay

I still have no idea who is responsible for this funny worm. He/she is just one more player in the game of making Essen’s boring downtown more attractive. Essen needs more of them!

New Resident at Marktkirche

Quite recently I discovered a street art spot at Kettwiger Straße / Limbecker Straße. The backside of Marktkirche seems to develop to a new street art hot spot in Essen; a new resident is staying there for some time. As I neither know the artist nor his name for the character,  I call this nice […]