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One Thing is for sure – The Change

EIER et al. (11/2018) & MR.PILZ et al. (01/2019) EIER et al. (01/2019) & RAIL et al. (02/2019) ONOE IHS DULE SB et al. (03/2019) & RUK DULE SB et al. (04/2019) GFS GOODFELLAS et al. (06/2019) & JBCB JUKEBOXCOWBOYS BIRNE MINT (08/219) SURENSOHN (11/2019) All pictures were taken at HoF Auf der Donau and […]

Cowboys have been in town

I tried to recover from the last heat wave and the Hafendampf weekend, but I was quite restless. I know, when the JUKEBOX COWBOYS are in town, they do not stop at the harbour. They mostly have power and yen for more than only one piece. Then people, take off your laundry and close your […]

Hafendampf 2019 – After the jump

To write a recapitulation of the last Hafendampf weekend is difficult. The two days were filled with a lot of very emotional moments and it never has been that difficult to write a summary. A lot of writers are in the inventories of the jam. DEMON and THE TOP NOTCH were there all the time; […]

Villa RÜ in July

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Villa RÜ in April

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Villa RÜ in March

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One thing is for sure – the change

This is the end now of the series „The Pillars of Hafendampf in the course of the time“. After all it is quite clear now: there are five pilllars on each side. 10 pillars in total, additionally a huge front – and shutoff wall. They all are painted mostly on each side. I have shown […]

One thing is for sure – the change

The toughest time of the year is the last two months. As nobody is on vacation, traffic is horrible and aggressive because everybody has to work through a to-do-list in no time. X-mas comes as a surprise every year.

One thing is for sure – the change

Let me show you the development of a pillar, designed during Hafendampf 2013, 2016 and 2017. Hafendampf is celebrated annually in Essen’s City Port at Hafenstraße, where it was born in 2013. The event had to be outsourced in 2014 and 2015 due to construction works at the harbour site, but 2016 it came back […]

Shipping Containers

Urban artists chronically suffer from shortage of playgrounds. Legal or not – there are a lot of places or things that have to be mold, to color or to stick. Very popular are vehicles like vans, cars or construction trailers and – to the sorrow of public transportation companies – trains.