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HoF Auf der Donau in August

It seems that HoF Auf der Donau has seen one more party last weekend. No matter the occasion, this last weekend brought a remarkable accumulation of new pieces to renew the face of those walls. LYP x CVA EPSC x BLIND ABSURD & ALF OLE & ULF – ILLBOYS IBTB More pictures -> click Location

HoF Auf der Donau in July

Location More pictures -> click

HoF Villa RÜ in June

Villa RÜ is never boring. It gets new tapestry every day. You can put up a tent, stay over night amd find it refreshed in the morning. Impossible to keep abreast of ongoing developments! ALF ILLBOYS TEAM BRAVO & BLIND ILLBOYS KOSTN ATM & EKSIT More pictures -> click Location

HoF Villa RÜ in June

ALF ILLBOYS TEAM BRAVO & SIR STOKR KEDO 134 „DJ Stylewarz“ More pictures -> click Location

HoF Zollstraße in June

HoF Zollstraße starts in June with a number of new pieces. The walls are still standing, who knows, for how long they will exist! RAIL ALF IBTB SIR x MR.PILZ More pictures -> click Location

HoF Villa RÜ in April (2016)

Well, I have said it before, I cannot walk 4 kilometers to HoF Villa RÜ very often. As I avoid using public transport due to Corona, it would be better then, to camp out in a tent. The brillaint weather results a high activity there, as usual in spring. In the case you are interested […]

HoF Villa RÜ in April (2015)

It’s heartbreaking and really drives me to despair; spring just turns on the turbo and staying home turns out to be a challenge of a special kiind. So what more have we got to do? Lets have a look back in time to Villa RÜ in April 2015. IBTB – ILLBOYS TEAM BRAVO More pictures […]