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In the light of recent developments …

One of the headlines of this morning was Donald Trump, who has found a new opponent in the actual crisis: The World Health Organization. Trump threatened to “put a hold” on U.S. funding to the W.H.O. Immediately I remembered a piece of OVAO x HAER, found in March 2017 at HoF Auf der Donau, which […]

Happy Birthday Chuck

Until 5 minutes ago this was a lousy day. Heavy rain and wind gusts, you don’t turn a dog out of the door in this weather. So I had to put off my plans for today. The radio news saved me with the message of the day: It’s Chuck Norris 80th birthday. Concerning this, I […]


Pieces of OVAO and HAER are rare in Essen, but from time to time they pay us a flying visit and again disappear at night and fog. What stays are extraordinary pieces done with an instantly recognizable handwriting. My first thought, seeing the newest piece, showing Chuck Norris, was: Oh my! Did he die too? Remembering […]

OVAO x HAER „Auf der Donau“

Any resemblance to Ronald McDonald is purely coincidental More fresh pictures from that walls -> click