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HoF Villa RÜ in February

TUFF HACF unknown artist & OINK TEACH & KEDO 134 More pictures -> click Location

One Thing is for sure – The Change

For me there is only one reason to visit our city harbour. Apart of Hafendampf, our annual graffiti major event, there isn’t that much more for me to do there. So the wall below Hafenstraße is not a part of my usual routes and is a by-product of Hafendampf. In the year 2014 I was […]

Villa RÜ in June

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Adler 59 forever

I’ve no idea how many times I’ve said it, nor how many times I have to say it again in the future: my favorite spot in Dortmund’s Unionviertel is the backyard of Adlerstraße 59. I’m still waiting for someone to give me a hint, to find a spot to top the special atmosphere in this place. […]

One thing is for sure – the change

FRONT WALL – Back (right) PAKUR (2013) G.O.T.T. Crew (2016) HACF „Trouble“ (2017) Location

Oldies but Goldies

Seen in passing Köln Mülheim HACF MAGNETEN SENIL x TUFF x BASS (2014)

Oldies but Goldies

Probably from Backyard Jam 2014 and in the universe of graffiti as old as the hills. Adlerstraße 59; SYRO HACF „ALLES WIRD GUT“

Oldies but Goldies

EIHA (EIER Crew x HACF Crew) – Very old, untouched and highly respected

Oldies but Goldies

EIHA LUKA (EIER Crew) x TUFF (HACF Crew) – 2011 Very old, untouched and highly respected