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What would Shakespeare's "Hamlet" be without the skull?

Corona crisis and no end in sight at all. Everyone has to deal with contact ban and how to protect those people, who are part of the groups at risk, the older ones and people with certain pre-existing conditions. Too much time to think about risks, illness – and death. That’s how I got the […]


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Hafendampf 2018 – A40 Edition – After the jump

For me it’s almost a tradition to look back on Hafendampf and show the finished walls; so the focus of this post is a recapitulation and postscript of this year’s Hafendampf. First of all: at this point I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of those who had to endure my questions […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

DHS STOKER (03/2018) IHS ARNO (04/2018) NASTY (06/2018) Location

One thing is for sure – the change

1st Pillar right – Front DHS Crew; SEMOR POUT MERO „Deadly Habits“ (2013) IB Crew??? „Make Graffiti Great Again“ (2016) IB Crew „Weiße Jungs bringens nicht“ (2017) Location